Хэбэй Хуй Гунг Компани нь 2001 онд байгуулагдсан бөгөөд Хятад улсдаа тэргүүлэх үйлдвэрлэгч юм. Бид нарийн судалгаа шинжилгээн дээр үндэслэсэн боловсруулсан хүнд даацын тээврийн хэрэгслийн сэлбэг хэрэгсэлийн үйлдвэрлэл эрхэлдэг орчин үеийн үйлдвэр юм. Хуй Гунг үйлдвэр нь Хэбэй мужийн Шинтай Хотын Жулу Аж үйлдвэрийн бүсд байралдаг. Өөрийн эзэмшлийн 85,000 м2 газартай бөгөөд 9 үйлдвэрийн цех, цогц агуулах, оффис болон бусад байгууламжууд байралдаг.


As a manufacturer,we manage our factory directly.We have a high degree of freedom in all our decisions and actions.The price and delivery time can be decided immediately,and they will be the best.Researching and developing new products,producing and inspecting,all of them are independent and rapid.
Losing integrity equals destroying ourselves.We never allow any unqualified products out of the factory.For our employees,we inspire them to be ambitious through integrity in every detail.For our customers,most are famous enterprises from China, we never promise rashly.Once we promise,we will definitely accomplish it.

Company events

  • 1999 Huigong was established in Xingtai Long march automobile manufacturing plant.
  • 2001 Huigong registered and started manufacturing in Julu Economic Development Zone.
  • 2002 Huigong’s wheel-side torque tube and planetary gears for 108t electric dump truck are put into use in Bayan Obo mining district of Baogang Group.
  • 2003Huigong successfully manufactured the wheel-side reducer assembly for 154t,172t electric dump trucks. They are put into use in Benxi Steel Nanfen Iron mine.There followed are 55t and 95t wheel-side reducer being put into many kinds of miners.
  • 2008 Huigong turned into the supporting qualified gear supplier for Inner Mongolia North Stock Co.,Ltd.Gear life exceeded 20000 hours.
  • 2010 Huigong became the qualified supplier for SANY and offered it for the PTO assembly and wheel-side reducer assembly. Meanwhile, Huigong begun to worldwide sale in North America, South America, Australia, Mongolia, Burma and Indonesia. 2011Huigong built another new factory and put into production in succession. The new products drive assembly for power shovel’s walking, lifting, pushing and gyration and wheel-side reducer assembly for 220t electric dump truck arised at the historic moment.
  • 2013 Huigong’s output value are more than 15.2 million dollars, which applied in the filed of water-power engineering, open-cast coal ,iron ore, nonferrous metal, chemical mines and concrete industry and so no. United with Yongji motor factory and CSIC, Huigong researched and developed the electric truck motor assembly
  • 2014 Had a breakthrough in product development and testing work. Achieved the enterprise technology center and small and medium-sized enterprise public technology service platform honor in Hebei Province, undertaking the key components of the major national energy bureau of mines research project.
  • 2015 Identified as the high-tech enterprises, and established the academician workstation.

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